Sunday, January 17, 2010

Musical Interlude: Cabaret Voltaire

Since I'm on a 1990s kick, here's a tune from 1991 - "Colours" by Cabaret Voltaire.

After 1987's Code (which was okay) and 1990's Groovy Laidback and Nasty (which sounded flat, and on which Mal gave a creepily dead-on Phil Collins impersonation on vocals), the Colours ep was a nice return to form. I was a bit gunshy at first, after being disappointed with Groovy Laidback and Nasty, but was glad that curiosity eventually got the better of me and that I gave the recording a chance.

The title track featured here offers a bridge between their earlier days, back when Mal's vocals were either whispered or barked and their last three full-length albums which would be exclusively instrumental affairs. Mal, even at his calmest, could add an air of menace to whatever music accompanied him. The sound here also strongly hints at the direction Richard H. Kirk would take as a solo artist. The musical theme seems reminiscent of "Kino" but with a healthy dose of then-contemporary house music and ambient. There are so many textures, for lack of a better term, that one could listen to this tune over and over and still hear something new. Or you could just "shake yourself and get up" and hit the dance floor.

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