Saturday, January 30, 2010

Musical Interlude: Kate Bush

This footage of Kate Bush performing "The Man With a Child in His Eyes" came from SNL season 4, airing December 1978. This would have been my first exposure to her music.

Kate Bush - The Man with a Child in his Eyes (Live)

| MySpace Video

There were facets of Lady Gaga's performance on SNL last fall that bore an uncanny resemblance to Kate Bush's appearance about three decades prior. But I digress. I've mentioned before that the 4th season of SNL was something of a lifeline for me during what was a period of upheaval for me. The humor was especially edgy that year, which fit my edgy mindset. The musical guests that year, and the year that followed were often incredible, and in ways that I couldn't quite understand or appreciate at the time (I was only 12 when season 4 kicked off) would end up influencing what I would consider interesting for the rest of my life (so far). I might not have sought out Kate Bush albums in 1978-79 (cash was short), but I'd never quite forget her name or that unique voice, and eventually I'd end up with some of her tunes on a few mixtapes made by friends. Back in the day, I know. There's a performance art quality here that I find quite appealing.

Here's the other song from that SNL episode, "Them Heavy People"

Kate Bush - Them Heavy People (Live)

| MySpace Video

Bonus video - Here's "Wuthering Heights" from her first album, The Kick Inside (the songs from the first two videos are also from this album):

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