Sunday, January 24, 2010

NASA's take on global warming

Globally, 2009 was tied for second warmest year on record, and the "naughts" were the warmest decade ever. If you look at the picture to the  left, you'll notice a pattern emerging (reasonably consistent with what I'd noted last June). For those who've tried to contend that it seemed cooler last year, the impression could merely stem from our current global temperature level being "the new normal" (a phrase that is, by the way, growing quite tedious, but which sufficiently fits the occasion for our purposes).

And while I don't plan on growing palm trees on the top of Mt. Everest any time soon, I do think that the climate data we've been seeing for quite a while now should give us cause for concern about where this is all heading, and our role as a species in not only heating up our only home to levels that - if trends continue their present momentum - will be unbearable by century's end, but also what role we might still play in preventing the worst case scenarios from occurring.

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