Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nothing but hucksters

Well, I knew that much of the so-called "tea party movement" was being led by fronts for corporatist organizations. That's been clear for some time. I suppose I'm not at all surprised that other such organizations are led by individuals who simply wanted to cash in on others' anger and vulnerability, and still other associated politicians cash in on their celebrity status. That's not to dismiss the very tangible anger and frustration that many are feeling in the US. The economy sucks, and regardless of which party is nominally in charge of DC, Wall Street fat cats continue to make out like bandits while the rest of us pay for the "privilege". Regrettably, only the right-wing has been able or willing to capitalize on that anger, playing on fear and puerile racism, promising merely to continue in the Bush II vein if in charge. We really could use a hefty dose of leftist populism right now. I'd strongly suggest that those on the left with the wherewithal to organize on a mass level study the success of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Bolivia's Evo Morales. There are lessons that could, I'd wager, be learned from their movements that could be applied to our current political context - and which would address anti-corporatist anger without all the baggage that comes from right-wing puppet masters and charlatans.

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