Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scanners are not the solution

See the post here (h/t naked capitalism). Not only are they not effective, but there's the whole matter of the amount of radiation these machines emit - not to mention how invasive these machines are. Do I really want naked images of myself or my kids being made and looked at by who knows how many goons? Hell no.

I know this is not politically correct to say in contemporary America, but even with the occasional asshole who tries to set his undies on fire during a flight, air travel is on average far safer than other modes of transport. The odds of being killed or hurt in a terrorist attack on an airplane are exceedingly small. You're probably in more danger of choking to death on one of those pretzels served while in the air than from being killed by the actions of an extremist. In other words, don't let the fearmongers scare you. The marketing of airport scanners is just another instance of profiteering: nothing more, nothing less. I suppose if you're merely satisfied with the appearance that Homeland Insecurity is "doing something," then great. Enjoy the boondoggle. Hate to say it, but simply taking the tax dollars that would have been spent on the scanners and throwing it into incinerators would probably be just as effective in preventing future terrorist attacks. The government needs to go back to square one, rationally analyze the extent of any threat, and act coolly and calmly (and largely behind the scenes). Fat chance of that happening, of course.

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