Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When GOP makes populist noise

Maybe this little factoid should be used as a reminder:
Per NBC/WSJ poll, 74% say not enough has been done to regulate Wall Street. Flashback: GOP opposed financial regulation 175-0 in House.
Not that I'd advocate giving the Dems, and their Clinton clone in the White House a free pass, but just saying that even the alleged "populist" Republicans are more in bed with Wall Street banksters than they wish to let on.

It also should go without saying that one definition of a failing state is that of a government that consistently acts opposite the general wishes and needs of its constituents. Given the level of dysfunction we've been witnessing for, well, much of my adult lifetime (and I've got some mileage on me), and given that the level of dysfunction grows worse each year, a case can be made for calling the US a failing state.

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