Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Follow-up to: Yikes!

The full results of the Research 2000 poll of self-identified Republicans has plenty more gems to serve up. You don't even have to be a leftist, liberal, or moderate to find the mindset of the GOP's base to be, shall we say, a bit disquieting. Even conservatives (albeit not movement conservatives) find the base to be disturbing. Even getting away from the poll for a moment, exemplars of the GOP's base keep right on acting like Taliban wannabes. Really, the term jihadists would seem quite an apt description. Think about it: psychologically is there any tangible difference between, say our own right-wing jihadists and those hiding in caves in Afghanistan or Pakistan? Aside from some differences in religious preference and perhaps a few variations in social customs, I have to say that I'm struggling to find so much as a dime's worth of difference. All that said, the poll results aren't especially surprising, as they are merely the continuation of a trend that was already noticeable back a couple decades ago. The momentum is such that increased political extremism within the GOP was practically inevitable.

See also the right-leaning Politico's coverage.

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