Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Putting things in perspective

I found the graphic at FDL, which follows up on this NYT article. Although I'm still convinced that the stimulus was too little of a good thing, it has (as I've tried to point out before) kept a number of people employed (such as school teachers) who would have been unemployed otherwise. The other thing that I usually like to mention is that the economic debacle that we've been living through was a long time coming, and it would be delusional to expect the problems to just go away overnight. So I give Obama and the Dems some credit for making an effort to clean up the mess left behind from the last decade, even if the efforts were very tepid for my tastes. I can guarantee that the other corporatist party - the one largely responsible for the catastrophe during the 00s - would do worse if left to its own devices.

The good news, to the extent that one can find it, is that the bleeding seems to have stopped. I don't expect any miracles. Unfortunately, I don't expect to see either of our two corporatist parties do much to really address the plight of those most affected by the recent economic melt-down: low-income laborers and young people just entering the job market (the Dems do somewhat better, perhaps). Nor do I view the so-called "Tea Party" crowd, which is largely a collection of corporate interests, militia and conspiracy groups as offering any alternatives worth considering.

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