Monday, February 15, 2010

RIP Doug Fieger

A bit young at 57, but since he'd been battling cancer for several years, this was not especially surprising news. He seemed to have as good an outlook on life as any, and appreciative of the sort of success that, however fleeting, most of us will never realize. "My Sharona" was the tune everyone would probably know of theirs. I'm sure at one point I probably had the single, and I know I had their first two albums as a kid. "My Sharona" was a great song, on a great album. The second album felt a bit forced, lacking a bit of the spirit that the first one had. By the time the band would issue a third album, the moment had passed for this fan.

You know you've made it big when you get parodied - I believe Weird Al took a shot at the song, and of course the Dead Kennedys parodied the famous guitar solo and the "my Sharona" line ("my payola") on a song called "Pull My Strings" which they played at the Bay Area Music Awards (drawing the ire of some of the audience members).

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