Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something to look forward to

A new Jimi Hendrix album drops March 1. By "new" I should clarify: the tunes were all recorded in 1969 right as his band Jimi Hendrix Experience was ending, and he was working with a new bassist, Billy Cox. So, the tracks on Valleys of Neptune are previously unreleased, and the descriptions are indeed quite tantalizing. Hendrix was on quite a creative tear back in the day, weaving an eclectic tapestry that included forays into rap (Doriella du Fontaine, in which Hendrix provides backing music for Lightnin' Rod - aka Last Poet Jalal Mansur Nuriddin) and fusion (I've occasionally run into bootleg recordings of Hendrix jamming with John McLaughlin, and there were rumors flying for a while of a Hendrix-Miles Davis jam that never had the chance to take place due to Hendrix' untimely death).

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