Wednesday, February 3, 2010

today is a b.a.d. day

Blogroll Amnesty Day is here, and I've been too swamped to appropriately mark the occasion. Fortunately, skippy is there to remind us. Although I try to view every day as Blogroll Amnesty Day, I do think it is important to remember the history behind this particular internet tradition.

Obviously, if you link to this blog, I am more than happy to reciprocate. Either say something in the comments or shoot an email and I'll add you to my blogroll as soon as possible. It's that simple. As I've said before, I do draw the line somewhere, so I won't link to something that comes across as white supremacist or Minuteklan (or tea party or birther) in nature, or spam blogs or spam sites. But beyond that, the basic linking and writing policy can be summed up with an old rap line: "a mind closed up is like a parachute - useless."

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