Friday, April 30, 2010

A quick tour through the eegeehood

Neither I nor Nanette have done this in a long time. Used to be that one of us would go through the 'hood and see what was going on. For old time's sake, and for the sake of timeliness, I thought I'd take a quick stroll.

First off, you'll notice that this blog has been barely updated. I'm terribly busy, so finding time is a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the dust will settle in a few weeks or a few months.

The eegeehood was named after Manuel's blog, Man Eeegee. You should check out what's over there. He lives in Arizona, which is currently Ground Zero for those battling the forces of nativist hatred. Among other items, he has some info on this Saturday's upcoming May 1st marches in Arizona.

Nezua, who runs The Unapologetic Mexican, has quite a bit on his mind as well. Start with Arizona Loses Illusions and Blows Own Cover, and work your way through the rest of his work.

Over at Citizen Orange, the crew is keeping a watchful eye on how Obama and ICE handle Arizona's draconian new anti-immigration law.

Although there isn't a lot new over at Nanette's blog, Human Beams, she does have an entry from earlier this year about how you can help out the homeless.

Xicanopwr reminds us that La Raza Will Not Be Silenced!

Smartypants covers The People's Climate Change Summit.

Yesterday was a snow day for catnip, and she did some catching up on various and sundry news items.

Maybe more as time permits.

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