Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What might have been

About three decades ago, our nation was at an energy crossroads. At the time we had a president who used his bully pulpit to advocate for more research in renewable forms of energy. He lost his re-election bid. His replacement sold the public on a false promise of unlimited cheap energy of the nonrenewable type. Three decades later, we can look back at that period in our history and ponder the lost opportunities. Here's a quote from the comments that aptly sums things up:
"We must face the prospect of changing our basic ways of living. This change will either be made on our own initiative in a planned way, or forced on us with chaos and suffering by the inexorable laws of nature."
—Jimmy Carter (1976)
It can be safely said that our basic ways of life will be changed largely by force now, rather than by our own initiative.

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