Friday, July 30, 2010

Mosque madness

Newt and the ADL seem to have their share of it these days.Fortunately, there are groups that understand that the way to oppose bigotry is by - dig this - opposing bigotry (h/t FDL).As has been noted by others elsewhere, if a Christian church or Jewish temple were being constructed on that same piece of Manhattan land, we'd hear the sound of crickets chirping. However, since it's a mosque that's proposed for construction, anyone with an axe to grind is crawling out of the woodwork. Before playing the terrorist card, just recall that there are plenty of Christians who have no problem with acts of terror, assassination, etc. To state the bloody obvious, any religion is going to have its fanatics (I'll say the same thing about ideologies and political parties). To tar the practitioners of Islam because of a relative handful of jerks strikes me as not only repugnant but also short-sighted.

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