Thursday, July 29, 2010

Worth a read

Beyond the limits to growth (h/t The Oil Drum) which riffs of a 1970s book called Limits to Growth, is worth taking a look at and pondering. The basic gist remains the same: at some point (sooner probably rather than later) economic growth as we know it will become physically impossible. We simply won't have the resources. The tasks that will face us as a species will be nothing short of enormous. Somehow, we'll have to simultaneously deal with a rapid weaning off of fossil fuels, drastically rethink our economies, support in a humane fashion the 7+ billion people dwelling on the planet (and implement humane means of stabilizing and reducing that population long-term), AND deal with the effects of burning all that oil and coal over the last couple centuries. The difference between now and the 1970s is time: we have less of it now.

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