Friday, August 20, 2010

I will be happy to have this month over with

If nothing else, I'll hold out some faint hope that mosque madness will be at an end. Until then, the jackals more shrill than ever. Seriously, these folks need a few tranquilizers. To its credit, AssPress has finally issued a statement admonishing its journalists to refrain from referring to the Cordoba House as the "Ground Zero Mosque." Nice insofar as it goes. Just wish they'd have tried that considerably earlier. And dig this: apparently this cleric at the center of the controversy turns out to be far from the religious extremist he's portrayed to be by to many among our political chattering class.

To add further to the stupidity: Over 1/3 of Americans apparently believe Obama is a Muslim. Aside from my normal reaction ("Who fucking cares?"), let's just say the dude has made it very clear as to his religious beliefs and interests. And to my fellow Americans: turn off the TV - or at least turn off the news channels. They'll leave you misinformed and paranoid. Find something more intellectually stimulating, even if that ends up being Spongebob.

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