Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talking sense about Mosque Madness

Reality-based conservative blogger Charles of Little Green Footballs (a blog I would not have dreamed of linking to just a year ago) has this to say about some of the hysteria surrounding the proposed Cordoba House project:
At this point, people like Krauthammer have no excuse for continuing to parrot the “Ground Zero Mosque” nonsense. It will be more than two blocks away in an area that can now best be described as “urban blight” (about the same distance from Ground Zero as a strip club called “New York Dolls”), it will have no view of Ground Zero, and it won’t just be a mosque, it will be a community center open to everyone, with a swimming pool, auditorium, restaurants and more.
Granted, he's not going to reach the movement "conservatives" or Tea Party mob, who see anything even remotely related to Islam as some existential threat. But if he can at least reach some folks who really hadn't followed the story and are making an honest effort to make sense of all the hoo-hah, then it's worth the effort.

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