Friday, September 10, 2010

Things not to say

Whenever I read a sentence that begins along the lines of "I'm not a racist, but..." I can pretty well figure how that sentence will end. Case in point, thanks to the miracle of Openbook (using the search term "mosk" - yes people actually spell mosque that way):

In a semi-literate rant against the proposed Park51 project (an Islamic center in Manhattan), Bianca Morris spews,
i aint racists
She should have stopped there before she started digging a hole from which she could never leave. But NO! She had to go on...
but them smelly bastards killed thousands of white ppl on that spot now they wana get on there knees n prey on that spot
Where to begin. Where to begin. Do we start with the factual inaccuracies or the outright racism? I'll leave that one up to you, the reader.

At least the next guy was up-front about his racism:

He might as well have used the n-word. He all but says it right there on Facebook for the world to see.

So it goes. In the meantime, I'm left to ponder the following question: where are we going, and what's with the hand basket?

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