Friday, November 12, 2010

That vision thing

Dmitry Orlov said this near the end of 2009 regarding the festiveness awaiting us in the 2010s:
Some towns will abandon the idea of having a fire department and decide that it is more cost-effective to just let house fires run their course, to save on demolitions.
We haven't quite reached that point yet, but we saw how close some of our communities have come to doing so - as we learned this past fall:
If our fire departments are run on a subscription-based policy rather than for the good of the whole community, does it really protect anyone? Hasn’t this horrible situation played out enough already with the police forces around our country;  servicing and protecting the rich while ignoring or killing the poor? If only those that can pay a subscription can receive protection from fires, our communities suffer.

The story of the Cranick family’s home and pets being consumed by a house fire while the local fire department simply watched and refused to help, citing a due subscription fee of $75, is heartbreaking. It shows the innate cruelty residing within capitalist “free markets” and shows the lack of empathy it encourages in our sisters and brothers. If we are trained not to care for one another to such an extent that someone’s home is allowed to burn in the name of a $75 fee, how can anyone be comforted by the thought that the system is working? Indeed many of our politicians and media stars are coming out in favor of such a system, and the Obion County Budget Committee has decided to expand the subscription service to more towns.

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