Friday, December 3, 2010

On Wikileaks

At the moment, I'm a bit swamped. However, I do keep up with some news, including of course the controversy surrounding WikiLeaks. A few links that have some pertinent commentary follow.

First, Fourth World Eye:
Cablegate, the Wikileaks exposure of State Department conspiracies for lying and spying, does not spell the end of secret government in America, but it is a beginning. By hosting a site for whistleblowers to leak official documentation of high crimes, Julian Assange and friends have put the president and his cabinet on the defensive, and the authoritarian mindset on display. Understanding how this mindset has corroded American society and turned citizens into servile sycophants might in time undermine this institutional injustice.
Next, I want to mention Arthur Silber, who has written extensively on Wikileaks since this past summer. Start with A Cause for Genuine Thanksgiving, and then read Bring the Bastards to Their Knees, On WikiLeaks: You Force Me To Repeat Myself, I Hate Authority -- Well, Except for My Authority!, and finally P.S.: They'll Lie About Everything. There you'll get a decent idea of what WikiLeaks means and why our overlords absolutely hate it.

Julian Assange recently answered a number of questions by Guardian UK readers.

In an earlier interview, Assange mentioned that WikiLeaks has its sites set on a major US bank. No wonder we have US Congresscritters calling for his head. After all, our elected public servants surely know where their bread is buttered. If leaked banksters' files cause bank stocks to plummet along with those campaign donations, well there will be absolute chaos within the halls of Congress. OMG!

In the meantime, while our government schemes to somehow shut down WikiLeaks and make Assange disappear in some mysterious black bag, our economy continues to misfire, Congress refuses to budge on extending unemployment benefits for those in need, and more Americans will be going hungry tonight.