Monday, February 14, 2011

Brisenia Flores shall never be forgot

As has been duly noted before, Christina Greene was hardly the first nine-year-old to be killed in cold blood by a political assassin. Prior to her untimely death, also in the state of Arizona, a money-hungry blood-thirsty Tea Partier was involved in the cold-blooded killing of another nine year old girl, Brisenia Flores. Today, the perp who masterminded the killing, Shawna Forde, was convicted for her crime. There was justice for Brisenia today. It is cold comfort perhaps - like Christina, Brisenia never got the chance to grow up, to fulfill whatever potential she may have had as a human being. The best we can hope for is that other would-be terrorists get the message that killing children is not cool, not something to brag about, not something to condone or to do.

Tonight we light a candle for Brisenia.

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Don Durito said...

Thank you for your post & thank you to all the online and on-the-ground organizers that pushed for this story to get national attention.  This highlights just how important it is that young social activists don't get blocked from accessing the internet.  In this digital age, it is the more important that organizers are able to have access to a wide spectrum of tools to push back against oppression, media blackouts, and racism, as it is laid out here:

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