Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KO on Libya

Just a few afterthoughts: Presidents have been acting like emperors for too long. It's not just the Pope of Hope. KO is right that ideally we should be able to expect to get at least a coherent rationale for a potential military action (something decidedly lacking with what's happening with Libya) along with some hope in hell of being able to put the brakes on it before it has a chance to happen. That's not the reality of course, and right now it isn't entirely clear that there is much principled opposition except save for the usual suspects (i.e., those of us who have tended to oppose previous military actions). I've gathered that there's the usual knee-jerk opposition along largely tribal lines - I get that from perusing Memeorandum from time to time. Then there are the usual neoconmen who are wanting to jumpstart another world war and are unhappy that Libyan trophies aren't already being collected. We live in dark times, where sanctity of life has long ago lost meaning. Break out the flashlights - it's getting a whole hell of a lot darker.

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