Saturday, May 21, 2011

For all intents and purposes, we have no "Left" in the US

We do have plenty of partisan Democratic apologists who are more than happy to excoriate the few actual leftists who remain in existence. The spectacle is, of course, pathetic - every bit as pathetic as those who feel the need to defend American Imperium at all costs.


Don Durito said...

This is unhappy old stuff, nothing new. Attacking those you formerly lionized when they prove to be uncomfortably consistent in their convictions (and therefore don't flip around depending on which party is in office) is old stuff.

Dissidents, in the dominant view, are those who dissent from what the other side says; those who dissent from what we say are either ghouls, fools, or tools, or, in the case of the formerly lionized, either traitors or, as now is being said of Chomsky, sick and/or senile.

That makes it no less tragic, no less infuriating, no less destructive, no less self-defeating - but it does make it unsurprising. It is, too often, the price of intellectual consistency.

Don Durito said...

exconirate? Aren't they just pointing out that Chomsky represented someone unfairly even if Alterman's rather dim regarding the Israel/Palestine problem?

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