Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bears repeating

I've long found solace while reading Avedon's fine blog, in large part because she truly grasps and has grasped from the get-go is that the Pope of Hope is no leftist or "progressive" (although what "progressive" really means is open to debate, I suppose), but rather represents "neoliberalism with a happy face". [1] All one needed to do was to take a cursory look at who Obama's economic advisors were when he was still merely campaigning to get the Democratic Party's nomination in 2008.

At the end of the day, neoliberalism is neoliberalism. Its adherents in DC and elsewhere are devoted to a form of predatory capitalism every bit as psychopathic as your typical Ayn Rand protagonist. Its adherents only differ in the degree of suffering to inflict on the rest of us, not on the desirability of us suffering as their benefactors profit.

[1] I have modified Alexander Dubcek's phrase "socialism with a happy face" for my own purposes.


Don Durito said...

according to the comments,however, Obama actually  disagreed with Ryan's plan initally.

Don Durito said...

Even that, however, really doesn't take away from Avedon's basic message. Taken together as a whole, however, it becomes quite apparent that Obama's words and deeds differ from the GOP/TP flavor of neoliberalism only in degree. I'll gladly accept that Obama's flavor of neoliberalism is "less bad" than what Ryan and others among the right have offered up. What Obama's defenders refuse to answer, and hold themselves accountable for, is a fairly straightforward question: is "less bad" good enough? The knee-jerk reaction among these so-called "progressives" is to punt in the face of such a question and instead do, as the commenter to whom you refer is doing: repeat over and over again a quote that appears to make Obama look like some champion of the left and declare victory.

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