Monday, July 11, 2011

Breaking some cardinal rules of gun safety

This is just plain dumb: Lawmaker points loaded gun at reporter in the Senate. Let's highlight part of the article, then I'll offer just a bit of commentary:
A state lawmaker known for championing the rights of gun-owners pointed a loaded firearm at the chest of a reporter during a recent interview at the Capitol.

Republican Sen. Lori Klein was showing off her raspberry-pink handgun when she aimed it at a journalist who was interviewing her in the lounge just outside the Senate chambers.

According to the story that was published Sunday in the Arizona Republic, Klein's .380 Ruger was loaded and did not have a safety to keep the gun from going off.

But Klein told the reporter, Richard Ruelas, that he didn't need to worry because, "I just didn't have my hand on the trigger."
Sen. Klein clearly isn't thinking straight. I own a firearm, and let me just say that there are some fundamental rules that I follow. One major rule is to not carry a loaded firearm with me in public places. If my firearm is loaded, I keep the safety on. Under no circumstances - whether the firearm is loaded or not - do I aim it at another person (or any other living being for that matter). I realize there is a somewhat paranoid subset of the American population who seem to have no problem with making sure the rest of us know they are a threat. Klein strikes me as one of them. That's not the way I want to roll, nor is that the way my friends who are firearms enthusiasts roll.

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