Friday, March 25, 2011

Still more reason not to take you seriously

Rather than accept the inevitability that others might disagree with you, and attempt rebuttals based on reason and evidence, you go all Joe McCarthy/Stalin/Musolini/Ahmadinejad on your opponents and make it personal. You play these bullshit games rather than concentrate on what your constituents wanted: jobs.

Musical Interlude: Cabaret Voltaire

If you've followed me a while, you know I have a soft spot for the Cabs. Before Kirk and Mallinder split in the mid-1990s, the released a series of albums that both updated their sound and paid a homage to their beginnings. This version of "24-24" is a remix that appeared on the Technology: Western Re-Works 1992 album. The duo must have been listening a lot to the (then) new wave of ambient artists and it shows on this track. Note that the vid is definitely not the Cabs' work - it's stills from riot scenes. Still the music serves as a backdrop for images juxtaposing the liberating and authoritarian impulses that so fascinated the band.

Another reason not to take you seriously

When you keep on spouting off paranoid delusions that have been proven false beyond all shadow of a doubt, you just end up looking like a damn fool. Hell, no way we're being seen in public together.

Here's why I don't take what you say seriously

When you get caught cooking up ways to stage being attacked, there's no way in hell I'm going to believe any claims about even so much as alleged threats.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KO on Libya

Just a few afterthoughts: Presidents have been acting like emperors for too long. It's not just the Pope of Hope. KO is right that ideally we should be able to expect to get at least a coherent rationale for a potential military action (something decidedly lacking with what's happening with Libya) along with some hope in hell of being able to put the brakes on it before it has a chance to happen. That's not the reality of course, and right now it isn't entirely clear that there is much principled opposition except save for the usual suspects (i.e., those of us who have tended to oppose previous military actions). I've gathered that there's the usual knee-jerk opposition along largely tribal lines - I get that from perusing Memeorandum from time to time. Then there are the usual neoconmen who are wanting to jumpstart another world war and are unhappy that Libyan trophies aren't already being collected. We live in dark times, where sanctity of life has long ago lost meaning. Break out the flashlights - it's getting a whole hell of a lot darker.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You have to be on glue if

you suggest that an antiwar movement would ever hook up with the Tea Party crowd. The latter are hardcore radical nationalists, and a fair number of its leaders are of the Dominionist persuasion. These are folks who won't have much interest in promoting a nonviolent, egalitarian existence, and almost certainly view those of us who do as worthy of extermination. I could say a lot more, but rather than waste my time, I'll just say it wouldn't work out.

Arriving at similar conclusions

Remember back about eight years ago I was saying:
If I were the leader of one of the so-called "axis of evil" nations, I'd be pushing to get armed to the teeth with whatever weaponry possible, including biological, chemical, and even nuclear weapons, if for no other reason than because of the realization that the U.S. won't stop with Iraq & that if one's country is on the list of nations to be invaded, at least those invasions would be more costly to the U.S.
Well, Jonathan Schwarz seems to be drawing very similar conclusions:
So that's the lesson the Obama administration is teaching the world: listen to what U.S. officials say about their plans, and take it very, very seriously. Don't make the mistake that Iraq and Libya made and disarm—it's not a path to safety. Instead, it's the quickest route to your own destruction.
Just sayin'.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Musical Interlude

Gang of Four's heyday ended long ago, and certainly well before 1991's Mall. Still the band could sense some undercurrents beneath the glossy veneer of "the end of history" era and perhaps offer a window into a future that we're only now beginning to experience and understand. "World Falls Apart" was the track off this album that I played over and over again a couple decades ago.

This sombitch nowhere's jewelled lights
Overflashing trade marks at war
"Hungry eat cake!" - "Thirsty Drink Cola!"
Piss stained boy slumps in a door

His hundred year old teenage eyes
Watch the lights chase green to red
Stuck to his head seed bun and fries
Waiting for the world to end

I'm gonna live right in your face
I'm gonna lie here while you play
Fuck you, yeah and fuck this place
Don't think you're chasing me away

Don't think you're better than I am
The music stops, your chair is gone
When they weigh the balance, man
You done no good and I done no wrong

I am the mess on your doorstep
You'll see me here until I die
Yeah, walk on by, look straight ahead
I'll be here till the whales can fly

The angel says: 'The gate's unlocked
But it ain't you must make amends
The rich guys try and beat the clock
Waiting for the sale to end -

Don't think they're better than you are
The music stops, their chair is gone
When they weigh the balance, man
They done no good and you done no wrong'

Yeah, I'm stopped in front of you
Waiting for the world to start
Yeah, I'm stuck at the front of the queue
Waiting till your world falls apart

My day begins when your party ends,
A booby trap in your bouquet
Dynamite in these happy times,
Valium for the mortgage rate
I'll cough in your face as the markets crash
I'll dog your steps from Pall Mall to The Strand
My time and place is real, yours incomplete
As we dream the future we make it wake

Yeah, I'm up at the front of the queue
And when you fall you'll fall just once
Yeah I'm up at the front of the queue
Waiting till your world falls apart

Maybe I need to add to the reading list

As someone who lived through the 1980s - not as a kid but as a jaded adolescent/young adult - I've convinced myself that I don't really need any reminders of how much that particular decade sucked. Perhaps I need to rethink that proposition: not regarding the general suckage of the 1980s, but regarding the reminder.

And with everything 1980s back in vogue, we might as well add fundies to the list. They're back and they're showing 'roid rage, and they've turned the GOP from a party that was merely annoying into something downright disturbing.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, history doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme a lot.