Friday, February 3, 2012

In from the cold

I always love it when voices that had seemingly gone silent re-emerge. In the free jazz world, a number of prominent artists from the first wave (think 1960s) went silent by the decade's end. Some, like Henry Grimes and Giuseppi Logan were presumed to be dead. A few years ago, Henry Grimes was found, quite alive, and - with some nurturing - returned to active performing, composing, and recording. By happenstance, I've discovered that Giuseppi Logan was rediscovered a couple years back and has also begun to grace our ears with his compositions. Reviewers were often unkind to Logan during his brief early career, but have been far kinder to his more recent work. His early work, while certainly not easy listening by any stretch, was engaging, dissonant, and filled with humor (at least to my ears). When I would hear some of the so-called "no wave' artists of the late 1970s/early 1980s, as well as some of the artists who would revive free jazz in the 1990s, I could hear the influence of Logan's all-too-thin body of work. It is good to have him back - hopefully influencing the next generation of jazzheads.


Don Durito said...

Hi there Don.  I saw your BAD post Wednesday so I thought I'd drop a link to my BAD post.  Haven't seen anything from Skippy on it though.

Don Durito said...

Thanks for keeping a good tradition alive. I did make note of it on my latest B.A.D. post. :)

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