Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIP Adrienne Rich

When we do and think and feel certain things privately and in secret, even when thousands of people are doing, thinking, whispering these things privately and in secret, there is still no general, collective understanding from which to move. Each takes her or his own risks in isolation. We may think of ourselves as individual rebels, and individual rebels can easily be shot down. The relationship among so many feelings remains unclear. But these thoughts and feelings, suppressed and stored-up and whispered, have an incendiary component. You cannot tell how they will connect, spreading underground from rootlet to rootlet till every grass blade is afire from every other. This is that "spontaneity" that party "leaders," secret governments, and closed systems dread.
Adrienne Rich passed away at the age of 82. The quote above comes from First World, Ha Ha Ha! The Zapatista Challenge, edited by Elaine Katzenberger.

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Don Durito said...

what a great quote!

& curiously very apt this week having read the UC Davis perpper-spray reports

it's been more than good while since I last checked in - hope this finds you well

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