Sunday, September 2, 2012

Calling them out:

Michael Moore sez:

I wanted to say something before the day ended about the call by Desmond Tutu that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes. Finally someone of note and respect has said the unspeakable. There is no question that these two men should face a judge and jury for invading another country that wasn't attacking of threatening them or their people. The two of them took their countries to war for a variety of reasons that had NOTHING to do with self-defense. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians lost their lives. These two men knew the evidence was being cooked for them because they asked for their advisers to give them some reason so they could declare war. Military contractors made millions. Billions. Criminal. Let's ask the World Court to bring these two up on charges - make them answer for this disastrous debacle. No one - NO ONE - is above the law.

The odds of that transpiring, of course, are exceedingly long. In fact, I would practically die of shock if it happened. It shall not be forgotten what Bush & Blair wrought.

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