Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy "Day of Indigenous Resistance"

2004: Venezuelan youth in Caracas tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day and rename it the Day of Indigenous Resistance.
Sounded a bit nicer than saying "Happy Genocidal Slave Trader Day" (although it would be an accurate enough characterization).

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phanson said...

If the First Nation peoples had been a tad bit tougher on immigration, ol' Chris Columbus would have been but a footnote in European history, known only as an adventurer who sailed west and never returned. Tough immigration policies then would've resulted in what is now the USA being a much saner place today.

DonDurito said...

I keep shying away from movement conservative memes regarding immigration. Columbus was essentially an agent of Europe's 1%, and the onslaught of mercenaries and Conquistadors suggest to me something akin to a war footing. These weren't just folks looking for a fresh start or merely the hope of scraping by as is the case with our current immigrants here in the US.

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