Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ian Welsh is optimistic

After reading his postmortem of the Indecision 2012, I have to say that the future's so bright I need to wear shades. This bit in particular:
The Republican party are reactionaries, who want to repeal the 20th century.  The Democrats are conservatives.  There is no major left wing party in the US.  Since avowed left-wingers won’t even vote for third parties in states where Democrats will win for sure, like New York, third parties can be written off for the time being, especially on the left.  If there is a third party which will rise, it will be on the right.
We have two major parties - one that is essentially fascist (and I don't use the term lightly), as I don't know how else to characterize a party that is fundamentally nationalist, corporatist, and wed to religious fundamentalism. The other is akin to the UK's Tories. I have plenty of liberal/progressive friends and acquaintances who would take offense at that characterization. But given the last 20 years especially, I really don't know how else to characterize a major party that has bought into neoliberal capitalism hook, line, and sinker. There is no organized left wing in the US. We have sporadic spontaneous movements (in the sense that Lenin might use the term), but nothing that is really sustained. That is, to make a huge understatement, a problem. I've said for a long time that those of us who are anticapitalists need to realize we have a lot more in common, put aside sectarian differences, and march together (both literally and metaphorically). The time to do so is now.

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