Monday, November 12, 2012

Indecision 2012 postmortem

One of the better summaries can be found here: The capitalist crisis, Obama's re-election and the US Left. It's a useful reminder that lesser-evilism can only take us so far. American politics is clearly very dysfunctional. On the one hand, we have a right-wing that is so out of touch with reality that its base can be convinced that billionaire NYC mayor Bloomberg is representative of an anti-capitalist hard left. If you can believe that, you need your meds adjusted. Just sayin'. At the same time, it is clear that although there are some legitimate lefitst stirrings here in the US (see for example the Occupy movement that sprang into existence in the fall of 2011), we really don't have a truly organized left with a coherent theoretical orientation capable of making any meaningful changes - either in a parliamentary or extra-parliamentary sense. We only know that we as a nation rejected a more bitter form of neoliberal capitalism (combined with radical authoritarian nationalism) for a softer neoliberal capitalism with some semblance of social tolerance. Not exactly change we can believe in.

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