Thursday, September 20, 2012

About comments

I've finally had to make the switch from Haloscan/Echo to something else. I am trying out Disqus. We'll see how well it works out. One side effect is that because of how I had apparently set comments in Blogger, when I sync up comments either with Blogger or with Disqus, all comments show up as authored by me, Don Durito. Not much I can do about that, other than look through the data file I downloaded from Haloscan and at some point when I have a moment to breathe, either somehow change the identities to the appropriate commenters, or at least edit the comments to make note of proper attribution. Given my exceedingly tight schedule (as I am sure you've noticed given the dearth of posts in recent months), it'll be a while. All new comments will get attributed properly though. I've seen to that.


"We are connected to the past, present and future, just as we are connected from Melbourne to Vladivostoc. Nothing is preordained, everything we do matters, everything we do makes a difference."

- Anonymous anarchist 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Say what you will, but the actions launched last September 17th by Occupy were only the beginning. Until the underlying problems caused by neoliberal capitalism are addressed, agitation by extraparliamentary organizations will continue to be necessary.