Monday, December 31, 2012


The NRA's entire narrative revolves around fantasizing about killing people -- killing the "bad guys." It is propped up by fear and paranoia about runaway "gang members" (which as a bonus is probably racial coding) who are going to break into your home while you're there (also statistically unlikely) so you need a gun to protect your family -- protect them by blowing away the bad guys. To purchase a gun in the unlikely chance that you would need to use it against an armed intruder or in a public shootout is to fantasize about violence in a much more real and dangerous way than those who fire up their video-game consoles. 

I'm not usually one for posting stuff from Google

I'm not usually one for posting stuff from Google, but shall make an exception today for Clara Schumann:

Considered a child prodigy, her first concert was at the age of 11. Upon further research we realized there was also quite an amazing story beyond what she's most widely remembered for. She was an outspoken and courageous woman who followed her heart and fought for who and what she believed in. In sixty one years of performing, she forever shaped the classical music genre and was one of the first pianists to perform by memory, setting the stage for future performers.

Beyond her own performance career, Clara was a teacher and a mentor to students. Additionally, her and her husband raised eight children while also developing their own musical careers. I knew Clara was a truly exceptional person when I read that at age 29 she marched to the front lines of the May Uprising in Dresden (one of the final events of the Revolution of 1848), straight past a group of armed men to rescue her children. She then turned around and marched right back through the pack and out of the city. She was truly a dedicated, passionate and strong-willed person and it's evident in her work, how she was with her family, and in her everyday life.