Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In summary...

From the information general news reports + analysis from venezuela I have gathered that:
  • The election was won by a close margin by Maduro and the opposition called for a recount (despite the fact that every election in Venezuela has an automatic recount hosted by independent observers as well as people from all parties).
  • Maduro supported the idea, but the electoral commission said no, because a recount had already been conducted.
  • Caprilles called for demonstrations, and riots broke out in Merida, where Cuban medical clinics as well as left-wing groups were attacked, 7 people have died, and they were all political activists who supported the socialist government.
  • Most of the riots have occurred in the wealthy suburbs in the cities.
  • This seems like it could lead to another coup attempt by the opposition, similar to the one in 2002 (which Caprilles supported).
  • The opposition is using old footage from the past to propagandise against the government, and much of the Venezuelan media (the private sector) is assisting in that.

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