Sunday, April 14, 2013

Worth Reading

One thing that we on the Left desperately need is a sober analysis of the current situation. Let's face it, the neoliberal phase of capitalism is looking far from invincible (of course that's been obvious for quite a few years now). However, it will remain unchallenged until there is an effective and organized Left that can actually do battle on a number of fronts - both parliamentary and extraparliamentary, nationally and internationally. Hence, a couple items to read and ponder:

pink scare: A Few Notes on Austerity

Lenin's Tomb: The actuality of a successful capitalist offensive

There may not be a lot of happy talk in either of those posts, but each author does offer a diagnosis and prescribes some tentative courses of action that we could take. One might even find something resembling hope in these two posts.

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