Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Of course, it IS rational to flee from torture

Whatever Snowden's ideological leanings, it is very obvious that his act of whistle-blowing provided a valuable public service to anyone willing to actually pay attention. If our current regime had its druthers, Snowden would be black-bagged and thrown into some deep dark hole, to be tortured mercilessly and to never see daylight again - much as has happened to Bradley Manning. As of this writing, it appears that Snowden shall avoid Manning's fate, for now, and should successfully find asylum in a friendlier locale.

Says Freddie:

As I write this, the media is working itself into a frenzy about Edward Snowden fleeing Hong Kong, possibly for Ecuador, and is passing through other countries on the way there. (From RED CHINA to COMMUNIST RUSSIA!) The usual suspects are arguing that this is proof positive that he's a traitor, or whatever, under the unassailable logic that only a guilty man would run from the brutal regime whose crimes he's exposed. I would merely like to remind them that a United Nations functionary last year  confirmed the obvious, which is that the United States tortured Bradley Manning for actions similar to that of Snowden. It is profoundly rational to flee imprisonment and torture. Indeed, I have a hard time thinking of anything more rational. Might be relevant.

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