Thursday, July 4, 2013

In solidarity with Edward Snowden

As my pseudonymous reply to The Dream Cafe's request (h/t it's all one thing):
"I’ve been asked by David Walsh, arts editor of the World Socialist Web Site, to make a brief statement in support of Edward Snowden for publication on that site.  ...   I am now asking any writers, editors, artists, and academics reading this to do the same. If you want to join me in this, send your statement to walsh at wsws dot org.
I wish to state the following:

Although it is highly likely that Edward Snowden and I would not share much in common ideologically, we do share one thing in common. Namely, a disdain for the US government's (and its corporate sponsors') abuse of its considerable power in the name of squashing all manner of political discourse and activity that does not into its rather narrow neoliberal orthodoxy, and to do so against both American citizens and to vast swaths of humanity under a veil of secrecy, and in the name of allegedly defending "freedom." 

Snowden, like other whistle-blowers before him, will undoubtedly exact a terrible price for his actions - a price which he as only begun to experience. He has, however, provided a valuable service to all of us by cluing us in to what sort of spying the US government, and the private entities to which it subcontracts, conducts against all of us around the globe on a daily basis. The US government must answer for its actions. It won't of course unless coerced.

For those of us who lived in the shadow of the bad old days of COINTELPRO and the Cold War national insecurity apparatus, Snowden has sent a reminder that the situation has merely grown worse. I know the US is putting considerable pressure on the leaders of the international community to isolate Snowden for its own nefarious purposes. If left to the current administration, there is little doubt that Snowden would be black-bagged, tortured, and sent to the deepest, darkest hole in some for-profit super-max gulag to suffer for what remains of his life. My hope is that he will be provided asylum and afforded a space to share with the world what the world needs to know - now more than ever.

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