Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Speaking of liberation poetry

Bubba Muntzer reports about some good people fighting the good fight against white racists in places like Arizona and Texas:

I listened to an episode of Flashpoints last night, which airs of the Berkeley Pacifica station, KPFA, that consisted of poetry readings by young, radical Latinos involved in something called Librotraficante, which is fighting against states like Arizona and Texas that are trying to eliminate ethnic studies programs in public school and colleges. That's right. No Hispanic history, no Black history month, just "regular history." They are banning books right and left already, and Librotraficante has been been donating the banned books to school kids. (You can see a list of the banned books at their web site. There are books by New Mexican authors on it.)

Their poetry was some good stuff. Right out of these peoples' experience.

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