Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Something that might have some merit

Get past the title, which skeeved me out a bit, and read the content. The post itself is a few months old, but the ideas behind it are quite relevant: put a socialist (the real deal, as opposed to some liberal with a couple socialist-sounding ideas) in the race for the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential nomination. I could see how the author's proposal would easily meet with very stiff resistance among some factions of the socialist/communist political sphere, and some of that resistance might also have some merit. Obviously a genuinely socialist politician would not get the Democratic Party nomination, and would in fact be largely marginalized by the corporate media (when not openly mocked), and essentially out of contention by the time the first set of caucus and primary states held their votes. I'm less concerned about being corrupted by the DP machine, especially if those who actually put their weight behind such an effort keep their focus (no CPUSA nonsense!). But for that short window, there would be an opportunity to articulate a socialist vision to an audience that normally does not get access to such ideas, and some opportunities for organizational infrastructure building and networking would open up - and we desperately need that. In other words, the ideas in that post would give the Left in the US a nice shot in the arm for the short and medium term. I would advise not dismissing out of hand the proposal. Instead, why not try it, examine and debate the results, and adjust our thinking and tactics accordingly?

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