Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two Years After "Occupy"

Here's an interesting take on where we're at two years after Occupy Wall Street made its presence felt (h/t). I have certainly supported Occupy - although quite critically, as I tend to do with spontaneous movements in general. However, whatever its shortcomings, Occupy has changed to conversation, and has re-awakened a Left that had been largely moribund. It may well be that something Hobsbawm said prior to his death will ring true - in a decade or two we'll notice some partial successes have been achieved that are traceable to those encampments at Zuccotti Park on September 19, 2011. There is a sense of optimism that I have noticed in those intervening two years, a change in the national vocabulary, and a realization that another world is not only possible, but is already quite doable (albeit so far primarily in small steps rather than in giant leaps forward). Our challenge in the socialist and communist Left will be to learn from what the Occupiers did correctly as well as their mistakes, and build on their successes while avoiding their shortcomings, and with those lessons learned, continue adapting our ideologies to the concrete realities of 21st century life.


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