Monday, October 28, 2013

What a strange performance

I really have no idea as to what Armstrong is getting at with his latest missive, but I do have the feeling he's plugging some left/right coalition (he drank the libertarian Kool-Aid as I recall). If the Netroots fell apart, which I am not entirely clear I buy, it would be for the usual reasons coalitions tend to fall apart - they are made of diverse and divergent factions that pull apart once either they succeed or fail at obtaining their objectives. A lot of what got called the "left blogosphere" was not leftist in any real sense of the term (Armstrong would have been well to the right of most Democrats I have known), but was opposed to the pseudo-fascism exhibited during the reign of Bush the Lesser. The Patriot Act, the War on Terra, the rollback on civil rights and liberties more generally have all been well-documented and thoroughly discussed. Those were the issues that would have brought so many of us who otherwise had little in common together. After those got somewhat sorted out, what was the point of standing together? Indeed, the answer was pretty apparent after Obama was elected, and some things changed for the better (some mild movement toward universal health care, a less toxic environment for those in the LGBT community), while others got worse (NSA, anyone?).

I'm not sure I want to find out what sort of "revolution" Armstrong is pushing. No doubt it is something that would involve a different flavor of neoliberalism than what we're dealing with already. I would advise staying far, far away from anything involving libertarians, whose notions of "freedom" do not jibe with either progressive or leftist worldviews. There are better ways to get a point across regarding the current surveillance state, income inequality, etc. In the meantime, to quote Willow Rosenberg, "Bored now."

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par4 said...

It should be quite apparent that you can't trust a Lib/Pwog. Remember "scratch a liberal and you will find a Fascist" or "The road to Fascism is paved with liberal bricks"?

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