Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I think that's the term. In any case, I am certainly in the mood to do so, or at least share the posts of those who do.

Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism now has 11,000 followers.

I'm in the process of updating links as time permits. I've been adding a few new ones while removing a lot of old links that either don't work or are to blogs that are no longer active. Don't read too much into it - just one of those chores which must be taken care of periodically.I still honor reciprocal links. That won't change. But I am trying the blogroll more manageable. I'll probably switch to a simpler template eventually, as well. That probably won't happen for a while though.

I'm currently reading The Red Army Faction, A Documented History: Volume 2: Dancing With Imperialism. Like the other volume in the series, it culls together any available documents created by the organization, as well as provides a concise alternative history. As a leftist activist who grew up, for better or worse, in the shadow of a number of First World urban guerrilla organizations, it is helpful to have the rest of the story, rather than merely the portrayals made available in both conservative and liberal capitalist media, as well as from the speculation that would often appear in zines or idle conversation back in the day. Smith and Moncourt should have the final volume published by the end of the decade, I'm guessing.

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