Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shame on Seamus?

Someone sure thinks so. As for myself, I am generally a secularist for a reason - clerics and governments (and for that matter, corporate entities) have colluded for ages in one form or another to keep the rest of us down. Sometimes, clerics and religious movements will put on a front, pretending to be forces for progress, when the reality is radically different. I suspect it might not be a bad idea to ask some now-middle-aged ex-punk rebels and revolutionaries from Eastern Europe about their experiences. It wasn't uncommon for churches to host various punk concerts and happenings, but what happened after the Soviet Bloc fell? Did the clerics remain on the side of rebellion? Or, did they get in bed with the first neofascist parties and strongmen to come along? I suspect we know the answer. A lot of people became useful idiots for forces of oppression.

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