Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This year's greatest hits

In the liberal/progressive blogosphere, there is something of a tradition of bloggers choosing their own "best post" for the year. It's a bit of a kick to read what others thought was their best work. I'm never really sure what gauge to use to determine what my best was for the year. Probably one of my best-read posts was a repost of a portion of William Blum's writing (where he reports some observations by one of his Russian readers), thanks to my linking the post to my Tumblr (Dancing With Imperialism). In terms of readership, it was surpassed only by And you people are surprised why? I personally liked that one, as I think it captured the frustration at getting to feel the brunt of the effects of the Congress-imposed Sequester while those relatively privileged few were spared the hell the rest of us feel on a daily basis. Although Slayage For The People? was largely ignored by most who drop by here, it did get picked up by one of the message boards devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which pleased me quite a bit. I layed out something of an outline to something that I have actually worked on occasionally since, and shall work on more in a few weeks. There are facets of pop culture that can be interpreted from a revolutionary standpoint.

So it goes. I do appreciate those of you who still stop by occasionally. I wish I could say that I would return to the sort of blogging I could manage up through the first half of 2009, but regrettably those days have long gone. Occasionally some of you comment, and although I often don't remember to reply, I do thank you for adding to the conversation. I think that too many url changes and the loss of the bloggers who now make up my emeriti effectively ended whatever community once existed here. So it goes. I do seem to prefer Tumblr and Twitter these days, and would suggest following me there, if you are in need of a daily dose (more or less) of my particular brand of leftist blogging. I do hope that the upcoming year is a better one than this last year was. I found much for which to be hopeful, but also many reminders of how much is yet to be done. Onward.

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