Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quotable on Climate Change

Instead of waiting for the environment to enact some terrible moment to galvanise us into action we need to construct a shock of our own, a social shock where we collectively take action. We are already doing this, but we need to do more. The people need to rise before the seas do.
From The New Left Project's post, A Brief History of Climate Change, wherein we are reminded that we've already had one summer in which the North Pole has been briefly ice-free.

By the way, not only would I say that we should construct our own social shock now (or at least really damned soon) before some environmental cataclysm, but we should do the same thing before the next economic cataclysm. We on the left are going to be required to address not only economic inequality and social inequality on a global scale, but also the consequences of what our capitalist system has inflicted upon the very planet upon whose resources we need to survive as a species. It is all connected, as are we. The sooner we get hip to that basic fact and act collectively, the better.

A post worth reading

Daddy What Did You Do During The War (On Terror)? offers a bit of light in an otherwise dark period. For those of us who remember 2003 and its aftermath, there is no way to sugarcoat the fact that even with the largest mass protests in human history, the genocide perpetrated at the hands of the US and its allies in Iraq would go on unabated. That moment March 19th/20th hit, our hearts sank. But a lot of people awakened, and that awakening has and will have long-term repercussions. There are indeed some cracks in the system that those of us on the Left can exploit. Occupy and a number of other efforts are merely the beginning.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sy Hersh says it

You American journalists are a bunch of cowards. Although I think that is a given at this point in time, and although I doubt anyone having a moment of clarity would deny it to be true, it is still refreshing to read and hear.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Interesting, yet bleak takes on contemporary fiction

How Well Does Contemporary Fiction Address Radical Politics?

a note on the absence of left utopias since 1992

Maybe not exactly the sort of wake-me up one would want with the morning coffee, but might as well give what is written some thought. The first article seems to attempt to look for a balance between bleak and hopeful. The other post basically offers bleakness, and a warning: dream big or continue to be crushed by capitalism.

Aphex Twin sez: "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."