Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't like the tone? Then you can...

Arthur Silber is back, and has a lot to say about the asymmetrical treatment between those who victimize and those victims who choose to fight back. Whether it's at the interpersonal level, or at the level of empire and its victims, I find it rather striking (after all these years) that the perps and their enablers get indignant when they get even a modicum of payback. Nor is it too terribly surprising that the perps and their enablers rely on such logical fallacies as false equivalence to excuse their own actions and to discredit those who have been targets of their abuse.

No one should be surprised when the violence inherent in the dynamic of interpersonal bullying or the dynamic found in corporate capitalist/imperial exploitation is occasionally met with counterviolence. Hell, a lot of writers who might be described as "Third Worldists" (Frantz Fanon comes most immediately to my mind) were writing about violence and counter-violence over the last few decades. What is striking is how the counterviolence has tended to be in response. One might even say that the victims' tone has been typically rather restrained and civil - perhaps arguably to to a fault. But yeah, this obsession with "tone" is definitely a tool utilized often by our oppressors. They can take a hike.

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