Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some people push back

There is a truism that those in power need us (even if merely to quietly accept our oppression) more than we need them. The fear that we might collectively realize our power leads to all manner of laws aimed at discouraging us from ever organizing - as Spain's right-wing government has attempted recently. Thankfully, people periodically remind their would-be masters who really has the upper hand, and stop traffic in the process. That's no guarantee of immediate success for us, as history is littered with painful examples of failed resistance efforts. But we have had our successes, and will again. Nothing would freak out our own 1% more than an organized Left that could withstand the sorts of crackdowns that usually bring down spontaneous movements. Might be something said for organizing, finding a way to live with each others' theoretical differences where possible, and gaining some tangible power. Just sayin'.

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